About Us


It’s simple. We make allergen-free products for everyone to enjoy, whether you have food allergies or are looking to diversify the grains you eat. With each mix starting out with a full serving of whole grains as the first ingredient, you can enjoy delightful baked goods while doing something good for yourself. How’s that for satisfying? And we don’t stop there. You’re getting the highest quality of sustainably grown and eco-certified ingredients. Partnering with people who care, we select clean ingredients grown in harmony with the earth that nurture you. Bring some extra joy to your table.


We currently offer five tasty, user-friendly gluten free baking mixes that we sell in grocery stores: Pancakes, Muffins, Oat Cookies, Scones and a cup-for-cup Gluten Free Flour Blend.


We also offer wholesale gluten free blends for breads, pancakes and other baked items for restaurants, hotels and institutional groups. Next time you’re out, ask if they are using Bona Dea!


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