Our Grains

We are passionate about diversity, both when it comes to the nutritional profile of our mixes and the variety of grains that can be grown sustainably. Check out more on these incredible ancient grains used in Bona Dea mixes.

Originating from Africa where it is consumed in many traditional diets, eragrostis tef—in Greek “the grass of love”—is a tiny, poppyseed sized grain comprised of around 14% protein and more calcium than any other grain. An estimated 20-40% of teff’s carbohydrates are resistant starches, making it beneficial for blood sugar management and optimal weight. We buy our brown teff flour from American growers who use good-for-the-earth growing techniques and pay the farmers and workers fair wages. We love the earthy flavor and dark hue the teff flour gives to our Muffins and Teff Bread.


Sources: Whole Grains Council, The Teff Company


Another ancient small seed grain, millet is grown all over India, Africa and East Asia, where in Chinese its symbol is combined with “mouth” to make the word “harmony.” Millet is hailed for its reliability in poor soil and harsh growing conditions, and is in fact the world’s sixth most important grain. Coming from the same grass family as teff, whole grain millet is high in insoluble fiber, complex B vitamins, and magnesium, and is about 11% protein by weight. Our organic millet is grown and milled in the USA. We love millet for its nutty flavor and light coloring, especially in our Pancakes and Scones.


Sources: Whole Grains Council, The World’s Healthiest Foods


Though cultivated primarily as a fuel and livestock crop in the US, sorghum is another drought tolerant, nutrient dense ancient grain originating in North Africa and used all over Africa, Asia, and even Latin America for everything from porridge to flatbread, syrup to beer. Sorghum boasts a high level of antioxidants, B-complex vitamins and unlike many other grains can be eaten with all its outer layers, including the hull where most of its minerals are stored. Our organic sorghum is US grown by farmer co-operatives. We love the mild flavor and soft texture of sorghum, especially in our Gluten Free Flour Blend Sorghum Bread, and Buns.


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